Do you feel like incremental change is not enough right now?

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Ready for Radical Transformation?

About Us

Entrepreneurial Shift Inc. is a Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) serving both public and private sector clients.

We take an interdisciplinary approach to solving complex challenges in the current business environment. We combine Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence capabilities and principles with Human, Social and Management Sciences to set the Transformation Process in motion. Our objective: Faster Time to Impact.

While we often deliver signature services in our respective disciplines and areas of expertise in a standalone mode, the fusion of our capabilities opens innovative pathways towards organizational and operational performance and renewal.

We have crafted a competency eco-system that continues to grow with each project we take on. We are supporting our work with boundary-spanning communication techniques that bring people together to seek answers to difficult and new questions. We solve emerging equations for business continuity that is still emerging and adapting to what comes next.

We are looking for clients who are willing to embrace radically new ways of collaborating and conducting business.

More ...about us


We are a team of subject matter experts who have banded together for impact. We combine our strengths in three focus areas. We have honed a deep sensibility for effective collaboration and communication and have developed an impressive array of tools and practices to help our clients achieve their objectives faster and unlock new potential.


We come from universities that are deeply rooted in their respective communities (AU, GWU, Columbia, Texas Tech) and have translated this community spirit and community commitment into the way we work:

Compassion, Resilience, Experience, Diversity, Integrity, Trust (CREDIT).

We want to be a credit to the clients we support and the communities we live in.

We are action-oriented. We listen first - REALLY listen. We assess pertinent pressures and needs. We map opportunities, spaces and identify possibilities for impact.

Then transformation magic happens when we co-design and co-create with our clients to build solutions, develop services, and create processes that hit the ball out of the park.


We understand that true impact is not simply a function of “toolbox” delivery but of “fusion of minds and hearts”. Innovation challenges at the intersection of process and technology require human spirit and ingenuity, as well as the courage to ask different questions and envision a different future. This is not for the faint of heart or the zero-sum crowd. This is for the maximizers and game-changers seeking mutually beneficial business futures.

Our Service Portfolio

Statistical and Bioinformatics Data Analysis services for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)


We provide Statistical & Bioinformatics Data Analysis services for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS).

We offer flexible options tailored to your needs, including bioinformatics, management and IT consulting and a range of training and data analysis opportunities. From learning how to design custom assays online to monitoring, viewing, analyzing, and storing data. We put people first and use processes and technology to optimize results.

We have ten years of data analysis expertise, including microbial and viral, exome, transcriptome, whole-genome sequencing data analysis & mapping, blasting, variant calling, visualization, biologically meaningful annotations, experimental design, data quality control, software statistical model selection, parameter, and workflow optimization.

Our latest work included computational infrastructure, storage, networking solutions implementation, troubleshooting, and Linux operating system support.


We adopt a DNA approach to our Management Consulting practices. This enables us to turn on/ off individual capabilities quickly to tailor engagements to specific needs and orient them towards collaboration, co-creation and in-process knowledge transfer for sustainable impact.

We look, listen, assess and scope the potential for impact. We orient our clients towards active participation in the work and set the cornerstones for our collaborations. We consider principles of co-design and co-creation fundamental to success. We have over 40 years of collective experience. But we don’t rest there.

Our passionate drive to make future trends visible and actionable allows us to work in many diverse industries, businesses and settings. Wherever human potential meets practical challenges, we coach, we guide, we train, we lead, we communicate - not just with words. We offer experiences that allow clients their own insights and contributions before the new concepts arise. We observe and assist our clients in broadening their views. We invent on the fly when new tools and techniques are required.

Our highest goal is business revitalization. COVID 19 and the business disruption are a trial and test for us all. They are also an opportunity to reinvent our business and ourselves to envision the next stage of sustainable activity.

Management Consulting Small-Mid Size Business/Organization Performance


Our projects are led by a team of four Doctoral Graduates, with diverse skill set from computer science, information systems, AI, KM, Innovation and leadership development who are sharing their knowledge and expertise to solve effectively and efficiently problems in the current environment. We think that there is a much needed approach to bring the right expertise at the table in order to solve complex issues and help leadership and scientist teams make informed decisions.

Past Performance

We put people first and use processes and technology to optimize results. Below we compiled a list of companies and organizations we made an impact on during the past 20 years.

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Research & Development Insights

We always look ahead. We are currently advancing three new research initiatives. Contact us if you want to be part of the current topics/projects. Join our email list and we will be able to keep you in the loop with our latest insights.

Post COVID Business Models

Business models are emerging with a strong need for connection in order to survive.

Future of Work

Exploring the AI and Machine Learning

Economic Sustainability for Small Business Communities

JV Partnership & Community Involvement